Ring the Syren Bells from Bishop's Palace Wells to Glastonbury Tor


Welcome to your Syrens pilgrimage, a musical tour across ancient Somerset lands.

Ring the Syren Bells from Bishop's Palace Wells to Glastonbury Tor
You are invited to pick up a pebble along your journey and ring each Syren bell in turn. Each bell sounds a different note which when all played together form a tune. 
The entire walk follows a section of the National Cycle Route 3 so keep an eye out for the blue signs which will help to guide your way. Please remember that you are sharing the path with bicycles and other pedestrians. The majority of the route is on country lanes and roads so safety precautions should be taken at all times. 
Syren I marks the start of your pilgrimage walk and can be found beneath a tree on the corner of the moat at Bishops Palace ( and Silver Street. (Please note Silver Street isn’t signposted.It is however the only street which allows cars.) 
Your walk begins by strolling down Silver Street, on your RHS (right hand side) you will pass the back of a building
called The Bishop’s Barn and Wells Recreation Ground which celebrates W.G.Grace with a blue plaque affixed to the wall.  At the end of the row of cottages, Silver Street turns to the right. At this T-junction, you will be facing The Full Moon pub. Turn left following along Southover.
At the next T-Junction, turn left on to Priory Road, then take the first exit at the roundabout. You will now be on a wide pavement along East Somerset Way which is shared by cycles and pedestrians and runs parallel with the busy A371.
As you pass under a flyover, the pavement turns into a footpath. There are several public artworks along the path. Syren II can be found on your LHS (left hand side). 
Continue along the path until you reach a T-junction. Turn right under the subway taking note of the footprint artwork on the walls and ceiling! 
OPTIONAL EXTENSION: After passing under the subway, immediately turn left passing between two huge limestone boulders. Weave around the footpath until you reach the driveway to Charlie Bighams. Do not cross the driveway but instead immediately walk along the grass verge to your right which in turn runs alongside the road. You will be heading back in the direction to which you have just come!  Walk down the hill until you see a lane on the opposite side of the road. After crossing the road safely, you will find Syren III sitting on the RHS of this lane. 

If you are not taking the extension route, walk straight ahead after passing under the subway and turn left along the road, cross the road when safe to do so, and take the first lane on your right. Syren III is sitting on the RHS of this lane. 
Continue along this quiet lane initially passing several farm buildings. Syren IV will be found ¾ mile on your RHS just before the T-junction. Take a moment to look over the gate, admiring Wells Cathedral in the distance. 
At the T-junction turn left up the hill, remembering to follow the blue National Cycle Route 3 signs. As you follow the lane, you will be rewarded with glimpses of the Tor! Your finishing post may be in sight but you have more of Somerset to see first! Drop down the hill, going straight over the crossroads at Launcherley Farm. Another downhill
section follows before the lane bends to the left. A little further along is Syren V on your RHS.  
The next turning on your RHS leads you along Long Drove. Enjoy the solitude as the rhynes flank you either side, very often graced by swans. The Tor will be on your LHS the whole way along this road and Syren VI will greet you on your right, sitting on the corner of a junction. Do not turn down here, continue as you were, along Long Drove, with the Tor on your LHS.
At the end of Long Drove is a T-Junction. Turn left keeping to the foot/cycle path. Syren VII is found on your RHS directly opposite a small bridge into a field. 
Continue along National Cycle Route 3 which runs adjacent to Wells Road. At the roundabout take the first exit following the pathway left on to Old Wells Road where Syren VIII greets you.
The pavement will pass West Mendip Hospital on your LHS before shortly turning left on to Brindham Lane, still following those blue National Cycle Route 3 signs! There are no pavements for the remainder of your journey
so take care with traffic. After several bends in the road, Brindham Lane becomes Wick Lane and you will pass
Middlewick Farm shop and café on your RHS ( From this point you have just over 2 miles remaining.
Continue along Wick Lane for just over a mile until you reach Gipsy Lane (unmarked) on your RHS. Look out for the blue National Cycle Route 3 signage. (Although there are many field footpaths leading to the Tor, this route remains stile free.) Please note, at times, you may feel as though you are walking away from the Tor as the lane
twists and turns. Basketfield Lane (unmarked) will be on your RHS and the Tor, on your LHS, will be guiding you up. You’ll be feeling the climb now! 
At the top of Basketfield Lane, turn left on to Stone Down Lane (unmarked) and the entrance to the foot of Glastonbury Tor is on your LHS. Syren VIIII can be found on your LHS after passing through the kissing gate. Don’t forget to find a pebble to ring the last Syren in celebration of walking 10 miles!
Distance: 10miles/16kms
Time: 1-2 hours cycling, 3-5 hours walking



Ring the Syren Bells from Bishop's Palace Wells to Glastonbury Tor

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