Somerset Carnivals

An ancient tradition that’s the pride of Somerset

Somerset carnivals combine grand fireworks displays with street processions, fairgrounds and street food. Find out where to see a Somerset carnival this year.

Somerset carnivals are the highlight of the year for locals. The ritual dates back to at least the 1600s, when many parts of the county commemorated the Gunpowder Plot. Today, it’s a combination of open-air entertainment, fairgrounds, street food and late-night openings for many shops and restaurants.

Many Somerset carnival carts are over 50 feet long and come covered in intricate themed designs featuring moving parts and thousands of light bulbs - not to mention the characters, all played by members of the local Carnival Clubs. Remember to bring plenty of loose change, as the proceeds from the coin-collection carts go to charity. Find out more about Somerset carnivals, times, dates and routes at the Somerset Carnivals official website

The World famous Bridgwater Carnival

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The highlight of the year..

Across the whole of Somerset

Somerset Carnivals are the highlight of the year for locals & visitors alike!.

Which is your favourite of the Somerset Carnivals ?

Somerset carnival dates 2019

Frome Carnival - Saturday 21st September - 7pm 
Wellington Carnival - Saturday 28th September - 7:15pm  
Ilminster Carnival - Saturday 5th October - 7:15pm
Wincanton Carnival - Friday 1th October - 7:30pm
Castle Cary Carnival - Saturday 12th October - 7:15pm 
Chard Carnival - Saturday 12th October - 7:30pm
Taunton Carnival - Saturday 19th October - 7pm
Bridgwater Carnival - Saturday 2nd November - 6pm
Burham-on-Sea / Highbridge Carnival - Monday 4th November - 7:30pm 
Weston-super-Mare Carnival - Friday 8th November - 7:15pm  
North Petherton Carnival - Saturday 9th November - 7pm
Midsomer Norton Carnival - Monday 11th November - 7:30pm  
Shepton Mallet Carnival - Wednesday 13th November - 7:30pm 
Wells Carnival - Friday 15th November - 7pm 
Glastonbury Carnival - Saturday 16th November - 7pm  

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