Onion Collective win the RIBA Client of the Year 2023

01 Nov 2023

Onion Collective were delighted to have been awarded the national ‘Client of the Year’ by RIBA, the most prestigious award body in the architectural world. recognised for their ‘outstanding’ contribution in building the community-led arts venue East Quay. East Quay is an art gallery, artist studios, education space, restaurant and accommodation pods in the rural town of Watchet in Somerset designed by Invisible Studio with Ellis Williams Architects.

Having won a RIBA Regional award, as well as the South West Building of the Year, and South West Client of the Year, the Collective was thrilled to have been shortlisted for this award which showcases the best in architecture across the UK.

Praised as an uplifting model for community-led regeneration, the judges noted that the completion of the project was largely due to the combined efforts of Onion Collective and the community; including schools, social clubs and businesses.

Chair of this year’s jury, Denise Bennetts said:

“Great clients are vital to creating buildings and places that make a difference to peoples’ lives. Congratulations to Onion Collective for their success and passion for enterprise and creativity. Their vision, and dedication to creating meaningful change, enabled Invisible Studio and Ellis Williams to deliver a model for exceptional community-led economic regeneration. East Quay is a fantastic example

of how great architecture, collaboration and co-creation can empower communities and deliver incredible, transformative benefits.”

Onion Collective Director, Georgie Grant said:

“To be recognised nationally for the work that’s been happening in Watchet with East Quay is a great honour, and we are proud to see our hometown celebrated in this way. We hope that communities up and down the country will believe that they too can build the buildings their places need. That development doesn’t have to be for private profit, but can indeed be for community benefit. “

Onion Collective win the RIBA Client of the Year 2023
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