Trio of Cheetah Brothers Settle Into Their new Home at Longleat

09 Apr 2024


Keepers at Longleat are hoping there will be romance in the air this spring for three young cheetah males, Themba, Ajani and Lunis.


newly released video shows the journey for the boys from Stuttgart in Germany to quarantine to finally being able to reach speeds of 70mph plus as they explored the extensive grounds of the Wiltshire Safari Park.


The trio arrived at Longleat after resident cheetahs Mo and Bolt moved to the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent as part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme.


They were born at Longleat in August 2019 but, as they are related to Xena, one of the park’s two female cheetahs, couldn’t breed and didn’t show any interest in the other feline, Rachel.


Their keeper Kayleigh Smith said: “They are wonderful. We are really happy to have them and really hoping for more cheetah cubs which is so important for the breeding programme.


“When they arrived, they came straight out and were climbing, playing, grooming and running; they can run from zero to 70 if they really want to in this great open space that they have at Longleat.”


Visitors to Longleat can compare their individual running speed with a cheetah on a new ‘sprint track’ at the exclusive Predators event running during the Easter holidays along with other opportunities to try and match the skills and characteristics of the safari park’s carnivores. The indoor event is included in a day ticket until 14 April 2024.

Trio of Cheetah Brothers Settle Into Their new Home at Longleat
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