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There's more to Somerset than Site!

You’re in Somerset - one of the larger English counties and one of the most interesting. So what is there to do? These pages have been put together for you, your family and friends with suggestions of ways in which you might want to spend your time here. Whether you want to explore, get active, join in or just find ways to relax, there is something for everyone. 

Somerset has amazing countryside, historic buildings, theme parks, clubs and societies as well as places to eat, drink and shop. Best of all, we have offers from some of our local businesses especially for you.

Important Notice!

In the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, people are being urged not to go out and to observe social distancing. This means that the vast majority of places and events advertised here will be closed or cancelled now. If in doubt check individual relevant websites. However, we would encourage you to explore these pages so that you have a wish list of things to do in your spare time when circumstances allow.

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