Latest update from the Visit Somerset team

01 May 2019

Latest update from the Visit Somerset team

Dear Member

The Visit Somerset team is going through huge transformations at present with big changes to our business evolution both on and offline. 

We can finally confirm a soft launch date for our new website of 22nd May 2019, with the official launch at the Summer Conference on the 4th June. 

The vision is that Visit Somerset will begin to rival OTA and TripAdvisor methodology, offering dynamic marketing tools with long-term personalisation and data capture strategies. This will help us ensure it is at the forefront of technological advancement giving the best overarching marketing support to all our members.  

As we transition, we wanted to update you on some important information including new additions to certain membership levels:

  • Silver, Gold and Platinum members will be able to have YouTube video content on the header of their web listing as an alternative to a static image. We really encourage all members to have video content created, as this will help your own Search Engine Optimisation significantly and your overall web presence online.
  • We would like to have as many Silver, Gold and Platinum members sending us their 'Bookable Experiences'. There will be a new page specifically designed for Experiences & Itineraries that will be supported by Social Media and linked to Google Maps. We want to start helping customers by supporting with their decision-making processes. Giving ready-made packaged experiences that we can reinforce with content and further itineraries to bolt on, so customers can have a ready-made weekend that they can click and book.
  • Offers - We are going to ensure that our website has different offers showing every month so that customers will always be guaranteed new offers and ideas. Please can you provide us with your June offers by 8th May. (These offers can be ‘last minute’ or fall within a specific time period, which we recommend is no longer than a month). Please ensure that the offer is clear, concise and falls in line with the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority)
  • As part of our new 'Buy Somerset' strategy, we are setting up an E-commerce page which will be supported with seasonal video inclusion, promoting the seasonal opportunities for visitors to Buy Somerset direct. If you are a Silver, Gold or Platinum member and have your own E-commerce link to either book or buy a product, we want to hear from you. We will promote your brand’s E-commerce capabilities through Social, YouTube and our website. 
  • Finally, if you would like to refresh your listing ready for the new site, then please send us your new content using the current word count guidelines relating to your membership level.  Please send all images with the new dimensions of 1360 px wide x 910 px high.  This will ensure that we have really clear and impactful imagery moving forward for all pages relating to your product and brand. If any current images do not appear as we would like, we may contact you to ask that you re-send them in this larger format.

Please send all information through with your membership name, detailing any changes and amendments to

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support of Visit Somerset and your patience during this transitional period.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or our office number is 01749835416

Kind Regards 

Visit Somerset Team 

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