The Pasta Laboratory

Pasta Uliana (at The Pasta Laboratory), 1 Claremont Rd, Bath, BA1 6EH


A pasta making class with Federico Uliana at the Pasta Laboratory in Bath might just teach you more about Italian tradition and culture than a guided walk around the ancient Roman Baths.

The Pasta Laboratory
Federico’s heritage charm and passion for food make him the perfect teacher for those of us looking try our hand at making fresh fantastically filled tortellini, unbelievably long linguini, and mind-blowingly curly macaroni.
His cool and calm instructions knead all the stresses out of the art of pasta making and can make even the least culinarily skilled, of us, feel like a master chef. Though I reckon the red wine and arancini balls, on offer during his classes, also aid in creating this welcoming and serene learning environment.

Despite the pressures put on by the pandemic, Pasta Uliana has thrived in its quiet spot, on Camden Road, and many students have graduated from Federico’s classes and gone on to severely impress guests at their next dinner parties

Testimonies from his website include: "What a great way to spend an afternoon! Federico provided a great two-hour pasta making experience that was hugely enjoyable and resulted in enough pretty perfect pasta for a family meal that evening.”

But it’s not just the family who can enjoy an afternoon with Federico. He offers a range of classes whether you’re planning a Hen Party, team building event, work Christmas-do, or a children’s party.
Federico says, “It’s accessible for everyone, not just foodies.”

Federico also has a background in event organisation and loves a party vibe, so you are in good hands no matter whether you are there to learn, connect or simply have fun. He can even crown a “Pasta Master” and “Pasta Corporate Master” or award a “Pass-Ta Bouquet” to the winning Hen at your event, adding a fun element of healthy competition to your party.

 “I love the classes! It’s something I have always wanted to do.” he says.

“We do everything in two and half hours, or maybe three if it’s a Saturday and the wine is flowing, and I pride myself in making sure you walk out of here and you can make Pasta!”.

So, if you are looking for a different and exciting way to get in touch with Bath’s Italian side, we suggest finding an afternoon, to join Federico, for a bespoke pasta-making class and become a master chef in a matter of hours.

You can follow Federico’s business on social media here or you can book straight away from his website, here.


The Pasta Laboratory
Pasta Uliana (at The Pasta Laboratory)
1 Claremont Rd

T: 07791256635


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