Things to do in Bath

There is no doubt that the city of Bath is beautifully preserved, however it is important to remember that it is very accessible. Many of the exciting experiences and sights are an easy walk, indeed the railway station is just yards away from the modern SouthGate shopping centre. This vibrant area has leading designer boutiques and brands, yet Bath is also adored for its network of alleys and charming side streets bursting with independent shops. You will get the most out of Bath if you immerse yourself in it and allow its exciting culture to embrace you.
The unique thermal spring waters allow a physical immersion! Don’t miss Thermae Bath Spa for a rejuvenative experience in addition to the many hotels that offer spas and gyms.
Bath’s entertainment is varied – classical music, street performers, contemporary bands, jazz, comedy, clubs, arts centres and theatres. The university city breathes cultural energy and ensures its popularity as a 365 day-a-year destination.
Everyone who visits Bath is inspired by its beauty. A guided walking tour is an ideal way of learning context and history to the unique architecture. It’s the Regency period that rewards those who look up when in Bath. 
Royal Victoria Park was opened by the future queen herself in 1830 and sits alongside the Royal Crescent. As with all of the city, it is an easy walk being just yards away from the centre. Parade Gardens is adjacent to the River Avon where the view of the historic Pulteney Bridge and curved weir can be enjoyed. With Bath Abbey overlooking, it’s a scene of inspirational beauty. Further afield, Prior Park Landscape Garden boasts one of only four Palladian bridges of this design in the world.
Bath’s wide range of museums enable visitors to place themselves in the lives of Romans or Georgians, aided by the superb collection of museums.
The Roman Baths provide an extraordinary opportunity in an English city to glimpse into the customs of the occupying Romans, two thousand years ago.
The choice is impressive - The Jane Austen Centre, the Holburne Museumthe Victoria Art Gallery, the Fashion Museum and at Claverton Down, the American Museum shows the diverse and complex nature of American traditions.

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