POSTPONED - Brendon Books Author Talks: Marcus Paul

Brendon Books, Bath Place, Taunton, TA1 4ER

2 Jun 2020

POSTPONED - Brendon Books Author Talks: Marcus Paul


Born in 1846 in Ireland at the start of the "Great Hunger," James Kinnier Wilson emigrated to Philadelphia to start a new life at seventeen years old.

After his life took a dramatic turn, he found himself attending Princeton and then a college in Scotland, where he met Agnes Hately, the talented daughter of a famous figure in the Scottish "Disruption".

After a tempestuous love affair the couple emigrated to rural New Jersey. While there, Agnes wrote intimate letters home about child birth, her children, the people around her, the church, and the dangers of endemic disease.

Called in 1878 to the Wild West of Kansas ("the Great American Desert"), Agnes again revealed in detail the conditions of her life on the extreme frontier and her impressions of American women, cowboys, servant girls and church-goers. The book and talk  provide never- before-seen detail to what is called the "Last Indian Raid in Kansas."

In Ireland to the Wild West, Marcus Paul uses these letters penned by Agnes to take readers on a journey through Agnes and James' engagement, marriage and dangerous travels, to life 'on the edge of the world', the infamous 100th meridian in America.

Marcus Paul, is author of The Evil That Men Do (Sacristy Press, 2016) and a variety of historical/literary articles and book reviews. His latest book is Ireland to the Wild West (Ambassador International, 2019).  He has two degrees in English and History and has spent his career engaging with students in three different continents. He is currently governor of a Secondary Academy.  


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POSTPONED - Brendon Books Author Talks: Marcus Paul
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