Green Fingers Getting Twitchy?

29 Jan 2021

The simple pleasures of gardening:

Even in the depths of winter when most plants are dormant in the cold ground, there are some trees and flowers which remind us that spring is only a few weeks away and the daylight hours will noticeably increase. Have you spotted any snowdrops yet?

Whether you have a garden, window box or planted pots on a patio, now is a good time to start thinking about the gardening year ahead. Lockdown has certainly seen more people making the most of their outdoor space and turning their hand to growing vegetables for the first time. And what a sense of achievement you get from harvesting your own produce! This especially applies to children who can learn so much from seeing things grow (science of plants, maths and data gathering, literacy and story writing) even if it’s just from sowing some cress seeds on a cotton wool ball in an eggshell. Even if your space is limited there are so many ideas for getting creative with pots and containers.

Tending to our plants doesn’t just feel productive, it is also a form of exercise and, importantly in these worrying times, caring for your garden can allow for valuable mindful moments, pausing to feel the soil, noticing the beauty in shapes of foliage and, of course, the scent of flowers.

We are fortunate to have some excellent garden centres and nurseries in the Taunton area where staff are happy to offer expert advice, whether you’re just looking to get started or if you feel your garden needs a complete makeover. Check their websites to see whether they offer a delivery or click and collect service.

Avery’s Garden Centre:

Blackdown Garden Centre:

Monkton Elm Garden Centre:

Otter Garden Centre:

Willowbrook Garden Centre:



Green Fingers Getting Twitchy?
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