Visit Somerset Visitor Guide 2024

26 Sep 2023

Visit Somerset Visitor Guide 2024
As you will be aware, our last printed visitor guide was produced in late 2019 and distributed early in 2020 in readiness for the season. Following the succession of lockdowns, we contacted advertisers towards the end of the year to see if anyone wished to consider advertising in a 2021 publication - hardly anyone did. We therefore did not produce one.

Early 2022 saw the invasion of Ukraine with subsequent unremitting production price increases with the result that the board of Visit Somerset was not in favour of hugely increasing the risk to the company of embarking on a commitment with no ceiling on cost management, alongside the frailty of the market and many businesses.

However, it returns as a subject in discussions with some businesses and therefore at this stage we are inviting expressions of interest from businesses who might consider advertising in a printed publication in 2024.

At this stage, we have no idea as to the format - merely looking at options on how to get print into the market place if it is viable and that there is sufficient support.

You are invited to contact Giles Adams if you wish to discuss this and/or register interest -, 07952 896995.
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