Visit Somerset Membership News

26 Sep 2023

Visit Somerset Membership News
Dear Member,

We are all experiencing extraordinarily tough times with the cost-of-living crisis amongst other logistical and financial overhangs from the Pandemic. 

The Visit Somerset team is not immune to these impacts, and I am sad to have to report that we have seen cuts to some of our public funding, temporarily, which means that despite Libby James receiving a distinction for her Apprenticeship, we are unable to continue her contract with us currently. 

I would personally like to thank Libby who has been an outstanding member of our team and someone that we will remain in contact with as the months pass. 

This will mean that our team will reduce considerably in operational hours. I thought that it was therefore an opportune moment to just remind all members that we are hugely grateful for all your support in annual membership. However, we are now returning to a tight policy related to your membership levels.

We cannot unfortunately operate any extra-curricular work on behalf of members that are not paying for it. 
All memberships will be reviewed and will be categorised between Bronze and Platinum and the associated benefits will apply or not from now on. (As you would in any other commercial venture that you buy into) Membership Levels are HERE.  (All your current benefits which you receive will not be affected despite the loss of Libby.)

I must also remind everyone that we are a Community Interest Company and with the soaring price of fuel we will be ensuring where possible that we communicate with members as much online, as opposed to moving round the county. It is just not sustainable.

We are planning for these moves to be temporary, but in line with membership levels, this will be monitored more effectively now. 

That all said we are pushing ahead with overall membership benefits, launching shortly conference and networking opportunities, along with plans to strengthen further our digital presence, from our world-class education and training that we are now receiving. 

If you have any questions, please do come back to – Libby’s email will be redirected in the next couple of weeks to while we look at new temporary ways of working.

Thank you for all your continued support 

John Turner 
CEO Visit Somerset 

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