The Launch of Visit Somerset's Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Strategy strategy begins

17 Nov 2020

The Launch of Visit Somerset's Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Strategy strategy begins
The Board at Visit Somerset are delighted to announce, with their European Partners - (After 3 months’ worth of extensive data analysis) Will be launching its first phase of Artificial Intelligence - supporting specific data collation, helping us serve our customers and members more effectively.  This all part of a strategy around personalisation marketing, where Visit Somerset can start talking directly in an engaging way with customers whilst understanding customer preferences, so that we can tailor more effective direct communications in the future, creating campaigns that will automatically support customer aspirations and businesses commercial objectives.

Over the last 3 months we have be compiling data and consumer habits, to support our first Chat Bot that will start answering basic questions in real time for our customers coming to the website. As we come out of lock down and more capital becomes available, we will look to enhance the BOTS capability answering more detailed questions, with the eventual aim of being able to start using BOTS to push out targeted messages that can support more informed decision making by customers. With the ultimate aim using the BOT to start pushing out tailored information to specific target markets that the BOT has identified, making outgoing communications to consumers highly personal and appropriate to their needs -

"It’s interesting to reveal that a major US poll stated, through what’s called the 'Amazon Effect' that 76% of people polled, would rather work with brands that personalise their data".  

The eventual aim will be that automate as much of our marketing strategy through, data mining, disseminating and acting on, turning our marketing strategy on its head. Not supporting marketing for marketing sake, but shaping our business in accordance with our customer’s needs.  Influencing and communicating with individual customers, with what they do like, not what they don't like.    

You can see below the volume of questions that we were getting over the Summer period, whilst in lock down. 

Here from previous posts are some of the questions that people have been asking.   

Customers asking questions. 
An example of intelligence coming through.
Specific Interests highlighted - helping us to now build more effective targeted strategy that shortly will become automated. Customer Trending begins.     


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