Somerset Producer PR Opportunities

16 Jul 2019

Somerset Producer PR Opportunities
If you would like to be part of these campaigns then please come back to us at and we will ensure your details are passed on.
Campaign name: Somerset Exmoor Food & Drink Revolution

Outline of campaign
AM+A will run a summer-long, food and drink ‘media/influencer challenge campaign’ with the aim of generating content from a selection of travel influencers (Rough Guides, Lonely Planet), newspapers, magazines, YouTube and blogger platforms.
We will send UK food and drink influencers on a trail of Somerset and Exmoor’s foodie hotspots, where they will complete a series of workshops along the way. Their challenge will be to create the ultimate Somerset and Exmoor cider cocktail, paired with local produce gathered en route. The campaign will be supported by a series of food and drink itineraries for national media visits (food and drink producers, restaurants and food/drink producer workshops).

Further support will come from media food and drink travel round-ups and pitching focused on campaign themes.
London Event
The food and drink workshops and pairings developed in the media visit and pitching programme will form the basis of a Somerset and Exmoor in London event, to bring these cocktails and food/drink experiences to life.
Tactics and timeline

1. July - August 2019
Influencer, blogger and YouTube campaign
The Somerset Cocktail, Somerset & Exmoor recipes and food pairing challenges/workshops.
Somerset recipes

2. July – September 2019
Media visit food and drink programme
Individual media experience itineraries targeting national newspapers and magazines. Stories focused on unique stories like the ‘real cheddar & cider campaign.’

3. July - September 2019
Food and drink experience publicity – media round-ups and experiences pitched out.

4. September or October 2019
Somerset & Exmoor in Event in London
Creation of event to showcase videos produced by influencers, cocktail and food recipes created from media visits programme and Somerset food pairing experience.

5. July - September 2019
Content creation support – content developed to support Visit Exmoor and Visit Somerset social media channels.

Core tactics
- Publicity generation
- Content creation and social media support
- Picture and video stories
- Press trip campaign
- London late summer/early autumn event
- Third party sponsorship and support
 - graphic document to be produced
 - GWR, transport, food and drink producers and restaurants
Many Thanks
The Visit Somerset Team
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