Reward Card Accommodation Providers we need you.

04 Sep 2023

Reward Card Accommodation Providers we need you.


Its free for accommodation providers and gives your guests unique offers, if they book direct with you. Its so simple, all you need to do is put the unique link to your accommodation, on your customers booking form and give them a bespoke key fob, when they book in with you, to enjoy the offers. 


NB. In an effort to reduce waste we will send you the equivalent number of key fobs, related to the number of rooms you have within your business.        

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So far we have 102 Accommodation providers working with us - We have a target of reaching 200 by the ends of October 2024.  

In an effort to support all our accommodation providers we have launched a successfully trialled reward card that has been launched in support of Visit Somerset accommodation members. Promoting the booking direct initiative, giving those visitors that do book direct, a free link that will give access to free unique offers on line, through a cloud based app.    

The project is being supported by Touch Stay, and is an extension of an already successful loyalty guide run by Stay in Bath. The scheme gives guests staying at accommodation providers within Somerset, Exmoor, and Bath the opportunity to enjoy unique offers, that can be used when staying with Visit Somerset accommodation members, with the rewards captured at attractions, venues, restaurants, and other visitor venues – either by showing their key fob, which we are producing for accommodation providers, to give to guests, or through the cloud-based app. (We can see HERE  the numbers of people interested in finding out about the offers, for two small establishments – Herschel Place and St Georges House, this measure in the last year. )  
Consumers will be able to visualise through the app and its map,  as to where the offers are in real time from the user’s location! See the attached slide.  Accommodation providers will be able to share the link with directly booked customers on their acceptance/ booking forms. The link will be changed every month and gated ONLY to be used by Visit Somerset members.  

One point that must be understood, is that all staff must be trained and aware of the scheme, so that those using the scheme will be recognised and greeted professionally from the outset.     
The guide/card is a membership benefit that helps members to make their properties more appealing to potential guests, thereby generating more direct bookings.
This scheme is only open to Visit Somerset members. It was trialled in 2018/19 through, ‘Stay in Bath’ (who we are now officially working with), to great success. 
If you are thinking of giving an offer or promotion – The business can support with anything from, a free cup of tea, or as the Thermae Bath Spa did an extra hour in the hot springs or the Jane Austen Centre a free cream tea! – The choice is yours. Please email, as he is going to maintain a spreadsheet - with a) details of your offer b) 1 image of your business (we can import images from ‘Google Places’ but you may have a better photo!) c) details of how guests should redeem the offer (e.g. “Show Reward Card on arrival” or “Enter promotion code XXXX when booking online”)

More on this HERE to see the first training video 

The Somerset & Bath Reward Card is available to guests staying at any of the accommodation providers listed on the Visit Somerset website.

The card entitles you to discounts, offers and more when shopping and eating in the county of Somerset at associated restaurants, shops and cafés.

Look out for the ⭐ symbol. All entries in the guide with an associated Bath & Somerset Reward Card offer have been marked with a ⭐

When you see the star symbol you'll be able to read the available offer, and click the map icon to show you where the place is. You can then use the "Directions" link on the map pop out to find your way to each business.

The Bath & Somerset Reward Card is a local initiative designed to help visitors find and enjoy all the unique independent shops, businesses and attractions which make our city such a pleasure to visit and live in. We hope you find it valuable during your stay!

How to Use It?

Simply show the image of the card in this app to use any of the discounts. Or you can show a physical Reward Card, if your accommodation provider has given you one on check in.

Rewards include discounts at local restaurants, attractions, bars and shops.

We hope you find this a valuable extra, something you only get by booking with Visit Somerset members. If you have any helpful feedback to improve the programme, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Somerset county is the place to be in the South West, having lots of surprises waiting to be discovered. From stunning beaches, green spaces, woodlands, lakes & more, covering a wide range of landscapes. There’s so much to explore in Somerset from wildflower meadows, beach waterfalls, ancient wells, unique carvings & underground reservoirs.

These hidden gems can be found in addition to the well-known landmarks, such as Glastonbury, Cheddar Gorge, Wells Cathedral or Exmoor, which have secrets of their own to be explored.

Think of Somerset & what comes to mind? Stunning views, open countryside, sandy beaches, or maybe it’s the superb strawberries, Cheddar cheese & cider? Somerset is famous for the Glastonbury Festival, Carnivals, Mulberry handbags & Arthurian legends, and much more.

Bath is a visitor city, rejuvenating people since those Roman times, not just in the warm spring waters but also in our way of life. A wide and varied culture scene incorporates visual and performing arts of many genres, the former at our many renowned galleries and museums. Live music permeates year-round, whether in the atmospheric Abbey or in concert venues, clubs and traditional public houses.

Bath is renowned for sport, whether rugby, cricket or horseracing and naturally the river is a scene of activity for watersports or taking a leisurely scenic ride on a riverboat.

Flip through these pages and immerse yourself in our home, here in Somerset. 




Reward Card Accommodation Providers we need you.
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