New marketing for members to update in real time

04 Apr 2023

New marketing for members to update in real time

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We are starting the new calendar with two new huge intiatives, to celebrate Mays Bank holidays and the Coronation, which will be ongoing throughout the year and will be UGC User Generated Content led.

Screenshot-2023-04-18-at-14-37-44-(2).pngFirst initiative ongoing - 
Celebrate a year of Dog friendly venues in Somerset. 

Visit Somerset will launch with its current 650,000 users and 94,000 followers the opportunity for visitors to share photos of their dogs, their name and which venue they are at. These photos will then be uploaded onto a new  Dog Friendly section on the site where visitors pooches become the celebrties, while celebrating the venues that are genuinely going that extra mile to support customers needs. Not only will this be alot of fun but will also help support our huge potential market thats worth of £5 Billion annually to the Visitor Economy.

We will also have an area where visitors can comment on their experience with their dogs.  

Our second carousel on the front of the site - will be supporting social inclusivity, diversity and disability, hidden and visible. We are NOW asking:- 

1. All our members to highlight to the Visit Somerset Team what services and ammenities they offer to those with disabbilities and hidden disabilities, whilst promoting through their teams a strong inclusive culture, that welcomes all. 
2. We will also actively ask our users and followers for feed back about their experiences.  If they are good and we have authorisation we will publish the feedback - if they are poor we will directly feed the information back to the venue directly, so that they can deal with the issues raised.

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We would like you all to now use this document on the Google Drive if you are Gold or Platinum members. You can update the form in real time month by month, letting us know what your events or points of interest you have going on. 

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The Visit Somerset team will then use this as our key document information every week, to plan for the next three weeks ahead. You will need, moving forward, to have updated the document to then have any social media activity.

By doing this we are trying to plan around specific trading and event activity to help ensure, we are following a plan that is most productive for everyone. 

This will work in connection with the new reward card - which will also receive monthly posts in an effort to encourage booking through Visit Somerset or directly with individual members. If you would like more information on getting involved in the reward scheme run by Touch Stay - please do contact us again at 

You'll see that there is also planning space allocated for Competitions - if you would like to run a competition you can pop in the details and we will contact you afterwards to arrange the necessary details. 

You will also see that we are including the #Hashtags# for each month, so you can share and use those # to help your marketing and overall marketing trending which Visit Somerset delivers monthly.  

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