Membership Renewals important and web results

15 Nov 2023

Membership Renewals important and web results

Therefore, normal charges will apply. We continue to hold our prices for the 6th year now. To ease spiralling costs that you might be feeling.  If you would like to discuss your membership level and increasing / decreasing it, please contact us at - we will be happy to support. All membership information is HERE. 
Unfortunately, if we do not hear from you when requesting membership renewal your business will be removed from the site.

STATS update.  

The website is recovering nicely after post pandemic instability and despite the cost-of-living crisis and introduction of the Bot, we are seeing steady increases in user rates and productivity.  To give you an example,  in the last four weeks we have seen 47,000 pages viewed, with our 'festivals and events' seeing 6500 pages viewed.  That equates to 33,000 users over the last 30 days, with Organic search seeing nearly 32,000 of the total searches.

We continue to be in the top three searches for main enquiries in Somerset, when searching by Google, which now has over 80% of total searches globally. 

These key terms include:
Accommodation in Somerset
Places to stay in Somerset
Attractions in Somerset
Events in Somerset
Food and Drink in Somerset
Somerset producers
Equating to (In Google Pay per Click language) over £1.2 Million worth of marketing capital, helping our Somerset businesses, gain more visbility and engagement . If you have any questions on this, please contact our CEO at

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