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The Sheppey Inn

The Sheppey Inn , Lower Godney, BA5 1RZ, Glastonbury

The Sheppey Inn


The pub pulls in people from miles around thanks to the brilliant, eclectic musicians it attracts, its fine selection of local ales and ciders (including all kinds of one-offs and speciality brews), and its fantastic food.

Spending the afternoon out here in the countryside, lounging by the river, looking out for voles and kingfishers, isn’t the worst idea in the world, is it?

There’s been a pub in Godney servicing the thirsty throats of Levels farmworkers for many centuries. The last owners ran it for 120 years, but on one day in 1976, they ran out of cider and lost the trust of the next two generations of locals.

the pub has been renovated, revamped and restored, and now has about six casks of grown-ups’ apple juice on the bar to make sure that the such a thing never happens again. Check out the photos on the right for proof.

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The Sheppey Inn
The Sheppey Inn
Lower Godney
United Kingdom

T: 01458 831594


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