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Five of the most romantic, circular walks in and around Bath

Five of the most romantic, circular walks in and around Bath


canal-21.jpgArticle by Robbie Pecchia

5 Most romantic, circular walks in and around Bath
With Love under lockdown, we will all be looking for creative ways to make up for the loss of Valentine’s day 2021. Away from extravagant amazon parcels or misjudged Love-Honey gifts, there is a much simpler way to recompense for missing this year’s romantic season. Look no further than the number of wonderful walks around Bath.
We have consolidated the 5 most romantic and circular walks in and around Bath, for you, and have named them after the romantic movies we recommend watching on your return. These scenic stretches will bring you closer to nature, the city’s rich history and, hopefully, to one another.
The walks, truly, are as timeless as the city on which they sit upon. So, in more precedented times be sure to include some these romantic rambles in your next visit to Bath.

1.The Shape of (Bath) Water

Hol1.jpgFortunately, the only amphibious creatures you’ll meet on this walk along the canal and river of Bath will be the ducks, but that doesn’t mean this stroll hasn’t got all the romance of Guillermo del Toro’s freaky and heart wrenching film. Weaving the waterways on this trip you’ll be treated to a serene and leisurely walk that gives you all the beauty of Bath without the need of hiking any hill or jostling with any crowds. There’s a chance to be still with the water and stunning stone in this tasteful 2-mile circuit which offers great views.
Recommended places to stay nearby: The Kennard, Roseate House, Chestnuts House 
Recommended movie to watch afterwards: The Shape of Water (2017)
2. Once upon a time in Freshford…
…There was a beautiful long walk with a big castle, grand manor and a selection of cosy pubs. On this fairy trail just outside of Bath, we once again find ourselves looking to where river meets canal but this time with a rural, Game of Thrones and Downtown Abbey theme. Starting and finishing at the comfortable Inn at Freshford, this walk takes you over fields and onto a gothic church, historic castle and an impressive Manor house where you can enjoy an afternoon tea. As a couple you’ll be spoilt for fantasies on this truly stunning country walk.
Recommended places to stay nearby: Homewood Park, Waterhouse
Recommended movie to watch afterwards: Once upon a time in Hollywood (2019)

3. Locks, Ducts and Two Smoking Tunnels
canal-1-(1).jpgThis long loop is as action packed as Guy Ritchie’s 1998 classic, but you’ll be happy to know it isn’t as climatic. The 13-mile amble is fantastically flat, making it accessible to walkers of any level and it has a bit of everything for you and your partner in crime. After a small stint through the town and along the riverside, you will be given the unique experience of stepping through Bath’s remarkable restored railway tunnels. The tunnels have an amazing story, that you can read on the route, and the walls inside have a palpable connection with city’s history. Then it’s over and under great viaducts before travelling back to your starting point via the meandering canal track.
If you have time on your next visit, we highly recommend walking this route and rewarding yourself with a hearty lunch at one of the fine pubs on the way.
Recommended places to stay nearby: No. 15 Great Pulteney, The Windsor Town House, Dukes    
Recommended movie to watch afterwards: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

4.Walk the (Sky) Line

Bath-12-(1).jpegThere is no walk quite like the National Trust’s Bath Skyline walk. The views are simply unmatched. If Johnny Cash had walked this route, I am sure he would have written a ballad on its beauty. Past the castle, over the fields and through the woodlands; you’ll constantly be in awe of the range of vision over the city, you have, on this walk. So, we recommend you take your best camera, your best walking boots and explore all of Bath on this one incredible loop around it.   

Recommended places to stay nearby: The Ayrlington, The Bird, Pulteney Guest House B&B
Recommended movie to watch afterwards: Walk the Line (2005)

5. Four Crescents and a Circus

Bath-One.jpgThis walk starts off as more of a climb but don’t be perturbed by this; it is an outstandingly rewarding ascension. If Hugh Grant is up for the challenge of attending that many weddings, you can survive this. Not only do you get a chance to gorge on the stunning Georgian architecture as you wind your way up, but you are also gifted some of the best views over Bath when you turn around. The Hedgemead park and smaller crescents act as a perfect starter to the second half of the show. On your way down, you can choose to indulge yourselves on the exotic flora and fauna of the Royal Victoria Botanical Gardens. Or you can opt to head straight to the two architectural gems of Bath; finishing the circuit on high as you admire John Wood and John Wood Juniors’ greatest works of the Royal Crescent and Circus.
Recommended places to stay nearby: Brocks Guest House, The Queensbury Hotel, Hill House
Recommended movie to watch afterwards: Four Weddings and A Funeral (1994)


Five of the most romantic, circular walks in and around Bath

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