Escape Rooms at Cheddar

Cheddar Gorge & Caves, BS27 3QF

Escape Rooms at Cheddar


The Vault
You have been transported back to the Victorian era, trapped in the very house that Richard Gough, discoverer of Gough’s Cave, lived. The only way out is through his secret vault, but first you have to find it.
Can you crack the codes and unlock the vault?
Caved In
You are on a caving expedition searching for Pavey’s lost cave that has gone uncharted for decades when you become trapped. Legend has it that Pavey left something behind and you must find it as it’s the key to your escape.
Can you find Pavey’s lost treasure and escape, or will you be Caved In?
Ultimate Escape
Uncover the secret vault and escape Pavey’s cave in the Ultimate Escape. Book both games and save!
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The Vault £14.95 per person
Caved In £24.95 per person
Ultimate Escape £34.95 per person
Minimum of 2 people per game


Escape Rooms at Cheddar
Cheddar Gorge & Caves
BS27 3QF
United Kingdom

T: 01934 742343



Facebook: @cheddargorgeandcaves

Twitter: @CheddarGorge_

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