About ShopAppy

About ShopAppy


ShopAppy was founded by Jackie Mulligan in 2016 when she and her friends were worried about seeing many of the great local shops struggling because of the increasing competition from supermarkets and online shopping giants.

Shopappy works by enabling local independent shops and businesses to show information, products and services they have for sale in your town in one place. Shopappy aims to encourage you to go into town and use the shops and businesses nearby. But sometimes you do not have time. The site brings all of the products together into categories so you can search for items easily or you can choose to look at the products in your favourite shops instead.

If you choose to shop online then when you are ready to pay for your goods, you are given a choice of whether you would like to click and collect from each shop you purchased from, or whether you would prefer to just pick up all your shopping from one place. Whatever you choose, the shops pack part of your order and then you can go to the collection point to collect your shopping in one place.

Shopappy.com has been driven by customers who want to make shopping locally easier online, but we also know that the independent shops and businesses in your town, love to see and meet customers. This means that we are happy if you just want to browse, or browse and save a shopping list and then decide to take a trip into town.

Anything you spend online, except bank processing charges, goes to your local shops. So it works because together we can help our local independent shops to stay in our towns. It is hard for them in a world of online giants and supermarkets. We prefer a world and a future where local shops, local businesses and local communities support each other.

Shopappy works because of the independent businesses you see before you, and because of their customers - that's you. So thank you for visiting.

Meet your local Taunton businesses and services here

Meet your local Wellington businesse and services here

Meet your local Minehead businesses and services here


About ShopAppy
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