The Pilates Studio

33-39 Bridge Street, TA1 1TP, Taunton

The Pilates Studio


Our team work closely with local Osteopaths, physiotherapists and surgeons to eliminate posture related pain, help post-operative rehabilitation and generally improve muscle balance.

The equipment used in a session includes includes Reformers, Trapeze Table, Core Align, Ladder Barrel and Combo Chair. These machines offer a greatly enhanced Pilates session compared to matwork alone and can be particularly beneficial for rehabilitation needs.

A Pilates studio session generally lasts 75 minutes and individual tuition is provided in groups of up to ten.

Opening Hours

Monday 9:00-12:30
Tuesday 9:00-1:00 & 5:00-7:00
Wednesday 9:00-12:30 
Thursday 9:00-1:00 & 5:30-7:00 
Friday 9:00-1:00
Saturday 9:30 - 12:00


Studio Sessions (each 75 minutes)

One session


Ten sessions (valid for 4 mths)


20 sessions (valid for 6 mths)


40 sessions (valid for 1 year)


80 sessions (valid for 1 year)


90 sessions (valid for 1 year)



The Pilates Studio
33-39 Bridge Street
United Kingdom

T: 01823 423146


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