The Studio at Bank House

Magdalene Street, TA1 1SG, Taunton

The Studio at Bank House


We offer a range of Pilates classes, including chair based Pilates, one -to -one rehabilitation and pain management sessions, personal training and yoga and pure stretch. 

Our team at the studio are in the business of making people feel alive, energetic and confident through inspiring forms of exercise. We have all the skills and knowledge necessary to help you feel motivated to be part of our group exercise, Personal Training and weight loss for life sessions.

Our Exercise studio, Personal training studio and rehabilitation centre offers a variety of classes centered around gaining core strength, increasing postural awareness, strengthening, toning muscle groups and losing weight!

We encourage you to come if you suffer with Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis, Facet joint syndrome, Hip Replacements, Knee Replacements and many more spinal and joint conditions… Why? Because we are very educated in these conditions and we know how to support you through exercise with modifications and adaptations.

We not only work with-in your capabilities and limitations, we also work with your Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors to ensure the support we offer you is uniformed!

And do you know what the best bit is? We have Fun! We build relationships and we feel part of something very good and very positive!


The Studio at Bank House
Magdalene Street
United Kingdom

T: 07854 456793



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