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Taunton's Park and Ride operates from two sites: one on the east of the town and one on the west.

Taunton Park and Ride

Many more of you are taking advantage of Taunton's Park and Ride being FREE! For those who haven't taken advantage of it yet - you don't need to Park and Ride to catch it!

It's a free bus service across Taunton to help you beat the traffic - catch it anywhere on route!

Taunton' s Park and Ride buses operate from two sites: Taunton Gateway (to the east of the town) and Silk Mills (to the west of the town).

The buses run on a continual loop between the two sites, picking up and dropping off at several stops in the town centre and also at Musgrove Park Hospital.

Taunton Gateway (TA3 5LU) has 850 parking spaces for cars and is perfectly situated for visitors and commuters driving to the town on the M5 motorway or approaching the town from the east. The travel time from Taunton Gateway into the town centre takes approximately 10 minutes, and approximately 19 minutes to the hospital.

Silk Mills (TA1 5AA) has 760 parking spaces for cars and, located on the west of the town, is ideal for drivers coming from West Somerset and for people needing to access Musgrove Park Hospital. The travel time from Silk Mills into the town centre takes approximately 13 minutes, and approximately 7 minutes to the hospital.

The buses run every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 20 minutes on Saturdays.


Opening Hours

Taunton Gateway
Monday to Friday: 6.45am - 7.22pm (from the hospital) / 7.30pm (from the town centre)
Saturday: 8.25am - 5.55pm (from the town centre)

Silk Mills
Monday to Friday: 6.45am - 7.30pm (from the town centre) / 7.37pm (from the hospital)
Saturday: 8.35am - 6.08pm (from the town centre)

**Information correct at time of publication**


Day Ticket
Before 10am: £4.00 on the bus / £3.50 on app
After 10am: £2.50 on the bus / £2.00 on app

Anytime: £60.00 on the bus / £55.00 on app / £50.00 subscription paid on direct debit

Five Day Bundle
£17.00 on app

Twenty Day Bundle
£60.00 on app

Download the First Bus app here

**Prices correct at time of publication**


Taunton Park and Ride
First Bus - The Buses of Somerset

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