Flying the Flag for Somerset

09 May 2022

Somerset is truly a county of diversities and a great place to call home. From the outstanding landscapes of the Quantock, Blackdown, Brendon, Polden and Mendip Hills, each with their own unique character, to the picturesque West Somerset coast, quaint villages, historic and beautiful towns and cities to the low-lying meadows and wetlands of the Somerset Levels, every area holds its own special interest and has provided inspiration for writers and artists over the years.

Somerset also boasts a rich history with many connections to heroes, saints, kings and legendary characters. The 11th May, Somerset Day, has special significance as the day King Edgar was crowned in Bath Abbey by Saint Dunstan. Also, around that date, King Alfred sent out a call to arms to the people of Wessex from his hiding place at Athelney to fight the Viking hordes. Centuries later, during the Civil War in 1645, the 11th of May saw rejoicing in Taunton at the end of the second siege of the town. 

Somerset Day is a chance to celebrate all that the county has to offer, especially the many delicacies which are produced and which are famous the world over: Cheddar Cheese, Somerset Cider, Somerset Brie, Somerset Cider Brandy, Porlock Bay Oysters… the list goes on. Local artisan products are also something to be proud of: traditional basketry and willow products from Coates English Willow in Stoke St Gregory, The Somerset Toiletry Company from Bath, Somerset Lavender near Radstock, Shakspeare Glass in Langport are just a very few examples of the more well-known, specialist products from the county.

So yes, we be proud to fly the flag for Somerset and, if you’d like to know more about events taking place, keep an eye on and and raise a glass of scrumpy to Zummerzet!


Flying the Flag for Somerset
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