Taunton Farmers’ Market

03 Mar 2021

Let’s start with a little bit of history. Back in the year 904 during the reign of King Edward the Elder, son of Alfred the Great, Taunton was granted a charter establishing it as a town and giving permission for a market to be held. The market may have changed and been relocated over the years but Taunton still looks forward to the markets and events which bring a bustle and vibrancy to the town centre.

Even during this last period of lockdown, the Farmers’ Market has been held on Taunton’s High Street bringing a range of some of the finest produce in the area. From fresh fruit and veg to organic meats as well as a fine selection of local cheeses, plants, bread…you get the idea, we all look forward to picking up a tasty treat, something that wouldn’t be found in a supermarket and that hasn’t travelled half way around the globe to get to you.

One of the pleasures of shopping at the market is that you can chat to the producers themselves, sense the pride they have in their product and learn about where and how it was produced. The stallholders become familiar faces on our High Street, happy to share recipes and ideas for trying something new (gourmet venison sausages in a French-style stew – thank you very much Mr Hawker).

So, it’s a long time since our town gained its charter but, since 1999 Taunton’s Taste of the West Award winning Farmers’ Market has brought us not just great produce, but a continued example of why it’s so important to support and shop local, keeping the food miles low and the quality high.

As we look forward to the current lockdown restrictions being lifted, we also look forward to seeing more stallholders on the High Street, Thursdays 9am-3pm.


Taunton Farmers’ Market
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