Postcards From Taunton

28 May 2021

From Victorian times postcards have been a popular way of sending messages and short greetings to friends and family – think of them as the Instagram or What’sApp of yesteryear, but don’t imagine that they are, by any means, obsolete.

At the Visitor Centre we still sell many (in fact, around 100 since we reopened in April) not just to visitors, but also to locals who often send them as a reminder of Taunton and the surrounding area to friends who have moved away. Others may use them as bookmarks, a memento of a happy holiday or visit to a special place.

So many people tell us how they appreciate receiving a card in the post, whether it’s a “wish you were here” or a heartfelt message, it’s a gesture that can mean so much.

So, imagine being able to send one you’ve designed yourself. This year, we’re running a competition for children of school age to send us a picture they’ve drawn of a place in Taunton that they would like to see as a postcard.

Find out more information head to Design a Taunton Postcard Competition

Postcards From Taunton
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