11 Feb 2021

You may have realised that promoting and supporting the shops and businesses in our area is something we feel pretty strongly about and we recognise the efforts that so many are putting in to find innovative ways of adapting to the current difficult circumstances.

Town centres across the country are not just feeling the pain of lockdown, they have also been struggling with the ever increasing pressure from online mega retailers. #LoveLocalDay allows us to celebrate the local businesses on our doorstep who work hard to supply fresh produce, gifts, goods and services. Why not show your favourite shop or business how much you love them by giving them a shout-out on social media platforms, take a photo or recommend a product remembering to use the hashtag #LoveLocalDay. 

We’re all looking forward to the day when we can enjoy a visit to our favourite restaurant or get a professional haircut, so we need to make sure they are all in a good position to reopen after lockdown. 

Somerset West and Taunton Council is currently supporting an online platform called ShopAppy which allows businesses to sell and promote their services and wares from one site. If you are a business owner looking for and outlet for your products, your subscription will be free until November so head over to www.shopappy.com and remember to select “Covid free use”. You have nothing to lose by accessing this opportunity for some free advertising.

It may be #LoveLocalDay on the 14th of February, but we can Love Local any day! 


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