Keep Calm and Keep it Local

18 Nov 2021

There’s no need to stress over those delivery dates

Who hasn’t been worrying as to whether the items purchased online are going to turn up as promised? Might they be stuck in a shipping container on the high seas or held up at the border because of a customs blip? 
Let us put forward a far less stressful option for you to consider: shop local. It’s as simple as that. 
We are lucky in Taunton to have some excellent toy and gaming shops, Watkin Toys on East Reach, Hatcher’s on High Street and the enchanting World of Bears on Lower Middle Street, as well as the high street chains, you are certain to find something to delight every child.
The grown-ups don’t miss out either and there are fantastic opportunities to seek out something a little bit different. The delightful boutiques in Taunton’s Independent Quarter offer an amazing range of his and hers clothes, accessories and gifts to make anyone receiving them feel really special. 
Book lovers need go no further than Brendon Books in Bath Place and, while you’re there exploring, a visit to Wine and Dandy will come up trumps for that extra-special bottle for your Christmas table or a vintage vino for the wine connoisseur in your life. 
If you want to deliver a gift that will give the recipient a never-to-be-forgotten experience, why not give them the opportunity to fly high with Fly Away Ballooning? At the Visitor Centre we sell vouchers for a flight or in smaller amounts for you to perhaps club together with other family members. We also stock Theatre Gift Card for use at major theatres throughout the country, you can load them with however much you wish. 
So, don’t let the thought of Christmas shopping fill you with dread, there are plenty of unique independent shops that can provide you with something that’s just a little bit more special and don’t forget we also have the Independent Market on Castle Green and stalls on the Parade to look forward to for that festive feel with goodies galore. 

Keep Calm and Keep it Local
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