If You Go Down to the Woods Today

26 Nov 2020

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a lovely walk.

Thurlbear Woods Nature Reserve is an ideal place for a walk any time of the year. I’ve visited in early spring when new buds are appearing on the trees and the sight of the first primroses raises a smile, later, when the birdsong gets into full swing, it is one of the best locations in the area to experience the dawn chorus. In summer it is a haven for woodland flowers and butterflies and autumn brings wonderful colour. Visiting during the winter months may not have the visual impact, unless, of course, we’ve had some snow and get to see the branches of the fir trees dressed in white and icicles dripping from bare branches, but it does afford us the chance to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy some quality time in the outdoors.

It isn’t a particularly strenuous walk, there is a gentle incline but the main path is wide and firm for the most part. If you start your walk from Thurlbear you do have to cross a little stream at the beginning and there is a section that gets quite muddy. There isn’t a car park in Thurlbear, but you can usually find a space near the pretty little church of St Thomas. If you approach from Slough Green, there is a small parking area and it means you can avoid the muddy bit, making it more manageable for families with pushchairs.

The chance to splosh around in a stream or kick fallen leaves around means that children seem to love this place and it is a safe environment as long as you stick to the main paths and don’t venture through any fenced off areas. Needless to say, dogs can have a great time too!

This ancient woodland is a Site of Special Scientific Interest managed by Somerset Wildlife Trust, for further information on this and other nature reserves nearby, visit their website: www.someretwildlife.org/nature-reserves/thurlbear-wood

If You Go Down to the Woods Today
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