Did you know the Easter Bunny was a hare?

24 Feb 2021

There are many theories regarding the origins of the Easter Bunny and they all seem to lead back to the folklore of the Anglo Saxons who brought their tales of an egg-laying hare with them when they settled in England (land of the Angles) from Germany. The word Easter itself comes from Eostre, whom they regarded as the goddess of Spring. As for the eggs, well, they have been a symbol of rebirth and new life since ancient times.

But! Enough of the folklore and egg-laying hares, the eggs we’re interested in are the chocolate variety, are they not? Are you one of those people who pounce on the Easter eggs as soon as they arrive in the shops soon after Christmas?  What is it that makes the chocolate of an Easter egg so different? It’s like a dreamily pure chocolate hit, not as thick or as chunky as a bar, it still breaks with a satisfying “crack”…. enjoy them, folks, just enjoy them while they’re around.

So, if you feel like you’ve eaten your weight in chocolate and hot cross buns and are looking for things to do and get out and about, here are some ideas:

Orienteering – have a go at this free activity, ideally suited to social distancing and fun to do with family and friends. Local trails and instructions can be downloaded from www.quantockorienteers.co.uk

Hestercombe Gardens Trail – Coplestone and the Grand Tour and the Flower Power trails. Learn about how Easter is commemorated in other countries while enjoying the beautiful gardens. £2.50 + standard admission (free for members). www.hestercombe.com

Blue Anchor Beach - ideal for blowing away the cobwebs, there’s a great expanse of beach for flying a kite and burning off some energy. Check the tide times before you go at www.tidetimes.org.uk/minehead-tide-times

Sheppy’s Cider – Walk through the orchards and try to spot the lovely new-born additions to the farm followed by a treat from the café and a visit to the excellent farm shop. www.sheppyscider.com

Wildlife Activities – whether it’s building a bug hotel for your garden or doing a wildlife survey, there are loads of ideas on the Somerset Wildlife Trust website, www.somersetwildlife.org/get-involved/at-home

To everyone who is celebrating Easter, Passover, those of different faiths or none, whatever you do at this time, take time to relax and look forward to longer, brighter and more hopeful days ahead. 
Have a lovely time and remember “Hands, face, space and fresh air”. 


Did you know the Easter Bunny was a hare?
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