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18 Nov 2020

We spotted a window of opportunity between two weather fronts in which to take my five month old puppy to Dunster Beach for the first time.
We loaded up the car with supplies (towels, water bottle and bowl, and chocolate biscuits) before joining the A358 towards Minehead. The road gently twists and turns through the beautiful West Somerset countryside, tracking the line of the West Somerset Railway and passing through villages and towns, each with their own character and charms. The sunlight bounced off the hills and the autumnal colours of the trees of The Quantocks and Exmoor, making for a special journey.
After 40 minutes on the road we near the village of Dunster, and our breaths are taken away by the stunning and statuesque Dunster Castle. No matter how many times you see it, this National Trust property never fails to impress. A right turn off the A358 takes us down past some properties which edge onto Dunster Marshes, down to Dunster Beach. As we near the sea I crack open a car window so that puppy can take in the new smells. A small fee allows you to park in the car park which overlooks the sea, perfect for dog owners who simply have to pop their car boots, freeing their four-legged friends to amble (or peg it!) onto the beach.
With the tide out, the beach is a huge expanse of sand and pebbles. Walkers and dogs traverse the sand happily, chatting to each other or quietly lost in their own thoughts. Puppy meets a variety of people and dogs – a perfect spot for a bit of socialisation. I swear he has a smile on his face the whole time! We stand for a moment and admire the view. The coastline in the sun is stunning, we can just make out the cranes of Hinkley Point to the far east. Climb the sea defences back to the car park and there is Exmoor, covered in what must be ancient woodlands, obscuring Dunster Castle from view.
A café and toilet blocks are on hand at the car park, sadly both closed today, perhaps due to lockdown, perhaps to it being out-of-season. It’s easy to imagine people enjoying ice creams on the beach on a warm summer’s day though, setting up camping chairs and picnics.
Puppy seemed sad to be heading home but he is promised another visit soon and is now sleeping soundly on his comfy bed, dreaming of sand, seagulls and seaweed no doubt!

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Dunster (Beach) by Daylight - a Dog Friendly Blog
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