Cheddar Petruth Paddocks

Cheddar Petruth Paddocks, Blackdown Mead, BS27 3XW

Cheddar Petruth Paddocks


Cheddar Petruth Paddocks is a place where anyone can rock up and feel immediately at home. From the couple in their expensive new motor home to a bunch of young lads in a £29.99 tent from Aldi, from Mum, Dad and a couple of kids to a big group of family and friends – and everyone in between.

A live-and-let-live place where there are refreshingly few rules, kids can be kids, campfires are encouraged, music and bad singing are not a problem and people feel free to wander round making new friends.

That’s what we mean by free range camping – and we love it.

The world has become obsessed with health and safety, risk assessments, petty rules and irritating regulations. We think the whole point of camping, and spending time outside, is to get away from all that stuff. To leave bureaucracy and red tape behind. To wind the clock back to a time when you could just go out and enjoy yourself in a field without people trying to wrap everyone in cotton wool and present you with a long list of “dos” and “don’ts” (mainly “don’ts!”).

That’s what Cheddar Petruth Paddocks is all about – creating a carefree space where kids can be kids, and you can be you, whether you are three or sixty three. We don’t have a bar you have to drink at, or a shop you have to buy your tinnies from - you can go to bed when you want, wander wherever you like, make friends or keep yourselves to yourselves. So long as you show a bit of common sense and respect for others you can do pretty much as you like.

Life’s so complicated these days, and busy, that we just wanted to establish an environment where things are simple and slow. Where all kinds of different people can unwind and get to know each other.

Most of the things you'll probably need while you're staying with us, you can get from Cheddar, which is just a short walk from the site.

If that sounds like your kind of place you’re welcome to come and join us!


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Opening Hours

January to December

(Opening 2019)


Tent Pitch

(per pitch (2 people))


Tent Pitch

(per pitch (2 people))


Caravan Pitch

(per pitch (2 people))


Log Cabin/Lodge

(Per unit per night)


Tent Pitch

(Per unit per night)


Tent Pitch

(Per unit per night)








            • Countryside Location

            • Drinking water supply

            • Family Friendly

            • In countryside

            • Public toilets

            • Showers

            • WiFi


            Cheddar Petruth Paddocks
            Cheddar Petruth Paddocks
            Blackdown Mead
            BS27 3XW
            United Kingdom

            T: 07813 320870



            Facebook: @pages/Petruth-Paddocks-Camping/146059338811270?fref=ts

            Twitter: @JulianSayer

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