Disney's The Lion King at Bristol Hippodrome

16 Sep 2019

Disney's The Lion King at Bristol Hippodrome

From the moment the first tribal cry sounded out, I was completely enthralled. The opening scene was very emotional, giving me goosebumps and bringing tears to my eyes. The bright vibrant staging, amazing vocal talent and artistic finesse was quite simply outstanding. 
As a huge fan of the original and the recently remade animated films, I had been struggling to imagine how they would recreate some of the storyline, for example the ‘I just can’t wait to be King’ scene and the wildebeest stampede. I must say neither of these disappointed. The first brought a very wide grin to my face and I was tapping my feet and holding back the urge to join in with the singing. The second, brought a dramatic intensity and a feeling of genuine fear and panic! The amazing orchestra, including the percussionists, who were high in the balcony boxes either side of the stage, heightened emotions and add to the intensity.

The cast, including Dashaun Young and Josslynn Hlenti playing young Simba and Nala, performed with amazing confidence and were excellent. Rafiki, played by Thandazile Soni, was beyond brilliant. Her vocal talent, stage presence and ability to engage the audience was truly phenomenal. I must also mention the notable performances of local actor Richard Hurst, who delivered the role of the mean and moody Scar exceptionally, along with Matthew Forbes as Zazu, Steve Beirnaert as Timon and Carl Sanderson as Pumbaa, who all brought a comedic element to the show.


It is not often you can watch a live show and not only be thoroughly entertained and delighted, but also be unable to identify a single weak performance. Quite simply, this was one of the best displays of musical theatre that I have ever witnessed! I would highly recommend it to anyone!
Disney's The Lion King at Bristol Hippodrome
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