A Weekend In Bath, Somerset

19 Sep 2019

On an overnight stay in Bath, we barely touched the surface of what the city has to offer; the largest city in Somerset is so rich with culture and history, it would require much more than the two days we spent there to fully experience the wonders it has to offer. Nonetheless, we had a marvellous time! 
On our first day, we visited the Jane Austen Centre, marked by the life-size statue of Jane herself standing in front of the entrance. The tour guides, dressed in Regency attire, took us through Jane’s family history and her relationship with Bath for the six years she lived there. The Austen family lived in Bath from 1801 to 1806, in various different places; the Jane Austen Centre is located in Gay Street, where Jane had lived with her sister Cassandra (named after their mother) after their father’s death in 1805. 

The tour was engaging and often humorous, with anecdotes like Jane accepting a marriage proposal only to panic upon realising she didn’t actually like the man and change her mind the next morning. Afterwards, we were allowed to explore the exhibitions, the highlights of which were the display of the strange contraptions of the 19th century and the Regency clothing we were allowed to try on, complete with a bonnet and a Mr Darcy mannequin to pose with. The gift shop had on display gorgeous editions of Austen’s novels, as well as Regency-inspired souvenirs, such as calligraphy sets and wax seals for letters. After we were done exploring, we had lunch in the Regency Tea Room, where we had high tea and felt very sophisticated doing so. The warm, buttery scones and the variety of quaint finger sandwiches were delicious!


The next day, we were treated to a visit to the Thermae Bath Spa, an unforgettable and unique experience, as the water used is from the warmest geothermal springs in the UK, which is what has historically given Bath its reputation as a leading health resort. Given a robe, towel and flip-flops, we were free to peruse the different floors. At the very top of the building, there’s the rooftop pool looking out over Bath and, as you continue going down, there’s the Wellness Suite with its sauna and steam rooms infused with different beneficial aromas. Then, when we felt as relaxed as we could possibly be, there’s the Minerva Bath, the largest of the thermal pools, which had a jacuzzi and a lazy river, and proved us wrong by relaxing us even more! Our visit left us contented and without tension; it was an experience I would recommend to anyone, but especially those who have little time to destress. 
Our overnight visit to Bath was thoroughly enjoyable, only made more so by the many lovely shops and restaurants that the city has to offer. Other amazing places we visited we’re Mr B’s Emporium, a wonderfully quirky bookstore that I could’ve spent a day in, and Pintxo de Bath, a tapas bar that I would eat at again without hesitation. Bath, being a city rich with history and culture, has so much more to see than we were able to in the time we had and so the only downside of our trip was that we couldn’t experience more!
A Weekend In Bath, Somerset
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