ITV’s Des was filmed at Shepton Mallet in Somerset

22 Sep 2020

The drama stars David Tenant who plays Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen. He confessed to murdering 15 men during a 5 year period in London.

The production filmed during a cold January week at the prison and was top secret until the first episode aired on Monday.

The show has been a massive success for ITV with ratings (to date) for the first episode at 5.4 million
The Site Manager, Charlie Lawson, said
‘ It was a delight having the production crew here for a week. They were all a pleasure to work with and didn’t complain although the prison was fairly chilly! David Tenant was really friendly and much taller than I expected. We have some great photos from their time here and will be showcasing the cell where ‘Dennis Nilsen’ was incarcerated for future visitors’.

You can watch all 3 parts now on ITV Hub
ITV’s Des was filmed at Shepton Mallet in Somerset
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