Window Wanderland – A Walking Trail to Light up our Winter

08 Nov 2020


It is the perfect way to brighten up your neighbourhood in the dark months by creating designs for your windows and lanterns or light sculptures for your front gardens.
Fun, local, all-people-friendly, community window and garden displays can be explored through walking trails, come out and see your neighbourhood in a new creative light!

We are delighted to be bringing this fantastic event to East and North Taunton

What is it? ​We invite residents of ​East and North Taunton ​to make displays in their windows or gardens that will then form a magical trail which can be explored by the whole community. What goes into the displays is totally up to you: from a string of fairy lights to a band playing in the living room, from simple to spectacular: as long as it’s family friendly, anything goes.

Have a look at our project blog for more details: ​

The blog has advice on how to take part, templates, ideas and inspiration to get you going, ways to share your display and how to add it to our interactive map. It’s easy to put your house on the map if you want to make a display. Window Wanderland aspires to bring positivity and warmth into people's lives. It is an inclusive community event, aimed at bringing everyone together to have FUN.

For further information please contact:

Angela Bolitho, Engagement Lead (North Taunton), Somerset West and Taunton Council Tel 01823 785580 / Mobile 07824373977

Richard Shadrick, Engagement Lead (East Taunton), Somerset West and Taunton Council​ Tel 01823 219575 ext 9575 / Mobile 07899 875284

If you have any questions or would like to sponsor, promote or volunteer to help with this event, please contact Somerset Art Works ​

For lantern workshops​ ​please contact ​

A Create + Place project with Somerset Art Works, Fuse Outdoor Arts and Somerset West and Taunton Council

About Window Wanderland

Created in 2015 in Bristol by Lucy Reeves, a mum, artist and ‘nosy parker’ who says:

“Everyone has a playful side to them they just need an opportunity to show it. I wanted to make an event that anyone can participate in and do something different. This brightens up the long Winter nights giving everyone a great excuse to get outdoors. We have seen over 3,500 displays made by schools, grandparents, even pets! It is a proper grassroots community event and some roads had almost every house participating, using campervans, top floor windows and even decorating hedges with lights.”

Since 2015 we have had over 47 events nationwide, including overseas. You are joining in with a happy family of not-for-profit volunteers who want to brighten their world!”

As a not-for-profit organisation, Window Wanderland is passionate about social change and recognises that although we live closer than ever, we are becoming more isolated, with over 7.5 million people now living alone in the UK. Window Wanderland is embraced by those who see it, young and old. It has received feedback from over 1,250 participants. 100% of people say that the event helped to build their community, 97% say that they would do it again and 84% say they were proud of their neighbourhoods as a result of taking part in Window Wanderland. "Lovely to talk to complete strangers who are part of the local community”, wrote a resident of forty years. “Really enjoyed collaborating with my neighbours to make a terrace-long themed display”, said another participant.

Window Wanderland – A Walking Trail to Light up our Winter
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