Find out about the healing powers of Lavender from our members at Somerset Lavender.

26 Nov 2020

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A bit of background:

My name is Amy, and I live and work on my parents lavender farm in somerset. We are an extremely small operation, working with a team of 5, including my parents Judith & Francis, my brother Christopher and our neighbour and friend Christene. 

On our farm we grow a range of lavender varieties, we harvest the lavender and distill it using traditional methods. We then use the essential oil to make a stunning range of lavender based body care and fragrance products. 

As the younger generation is being introduced more and more to natural wellbeing alternatives and the wonderful benefits of essential oils and the potent powers of lavender in particular - we would  love the opportunity to reach those people who are looking to more natural solutions particularly to troubles related with sleeping and anxiety. 


Lavender is well known for its soothing and relaxing benefits, and ours is no different in terms of its calming properties! 
But it's unique in its fragrance, because it is so pure and natural you really can smell the difference between our lavender and other commercially produced lavender fragrances you may be used to. We want to be able to educate our customers on the incredible healing properties of lavender, because it really is amazing. 

We grow a variety of lavenders on our farm. The two main varieties being Lavender Angustifolia and Lavender Grosso. The English lavender and the French. 

The two have quite incredible healing properties and huge differences. The english lavender is wonderful for helping a naturally deep and peaceful sleep, whilst the french lavender (grosso) is much more energising and can be used as a kick starter to get you going and keep you energized  throughout the day. 

They both also share a lot of fantastic qualities including their properties to help soothe and relax the senses. Helping reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, naturally.

These essential oils are also a fantastic addition to your first aid kit, they have antibacterial properties making them a wonderful aid to light burns and insect bites. 

The best thing about it; our pure essential oils are not only hand made with traditional methods in England, but they're under £10 and they will fit in your handbag. 

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Find out about the healing powers of Lavender from our members at Somerset Lavender.
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