Visit Somerset official COVID 19 update for Somerset

13 May 2020

Visit Somerset Statement #COVID19

New Government Guidance on Covid 19 movement.

Whilst such activities are permitted within reason, the guidance does not extend to overnight stays away from your home and common sense would indicate that a maximum one hour journey is acceptable for undertaking these exercise activities. Visit Somerset does not expect, therefore, people to make significant journeys into our county area for what is a limited outdoor activity. Staying away from home, whether camping or visiting a second home is illegal and not acceptable. 

Visit Somerset would like to take this opportunity to remind these temporary visitors that hospitality venues will not be open until July at the earliest. There are very limited opportunities for takeaways and refreshments and there are minimal support facilities compared to normal. There is no-one to oversee your safety or security on beaches, open countryside or resorts as warden or life guards are not working currently and you will have to take your own safety in hand, remembering to use common sense and realise the consequences of your actions might result in you calling out emergency services thats uses are better deployed in other capacities currently.    


We repeat that we are not expecting tourists until later in the year, at which point our local support services should be in a better position to address their needs.

In Brief.

  We look forward to welcoming our visitors back WHEN it is safe for them and our communities
  • It is too early now because the majority of our beaches and resorts are not open as usual; not ready for you.
  • Most importantly – there are NO beach and park wardens.
  • People can use the beaches, parks and open spaces for walking, provided they maintain social distancing.
  • BUT the usual facilities such as car parks, toilets, shops and other amenities will not be open in the majority of cases.
  • THINK carefully about the people you might put at risk such as the residents
  • If you get into difficulty – car breaks down, you are injured, you stray onto the mudflats or other vulnerable areas susceptible to the elements   – the emergency services will be diverted from other possibly more important tasks.
  • Be responsible and thoughtful to others at all times. 

Thank you the Visit Somerset Team 
Visit Somerset official COVID 19 update for Somerset
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