03 May 2020

_IB89620-(3).jpgRAF Weston Zoyland in Somerset was used in the 1920s as a base for summer camps, then at the outbreak of the Second World War the grass field was extended and a number of permanent buildings erected and a longer sealed runway added. The airfield was then utilised as a training and Army Co-operation base, and the Westland Lysander, Miles Master, Mustang and Supermarine Spitfire all saw service here.

In 1944 the USAAF used the base for glider and parachute training in preparation for D-day, and RAF Transport Command landed larger aircraft here during the same period. Closed postwar, it was re-opened in 1952, training crews on the Gloster Meteor, de Havilland Vampire and English Electric Canberra. In 1968 the airfield was finally closed, the main A road was redirected back across part of the landing field and this quiet part of Somerset returned to rural life.

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