Matilda The Musical’s Great Bruce Bogtrotter Bake Off takes Bristol by storm

15 May 2019

The Bristol Hippodrome and The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Matilda The Musical are in high spirits after a very special version of The Great British Bake Off took place at the historic city theatre this week.

Great British Bake Off 2018 contestant and Bristol native Briony May hosted the theatre’s very own Bake Off event – which was inspired by Bruce Bogtrotter’s love of chocolate cake – on Tuesday May 14th, which saw the cast of Matilda The Musical swap Crunchem Hall for cake in a fun-filled afternoon.

Briony made her own version of Matilda’s iconic chocolate cake and decorated it on stage at the Hippodrome with a little help from Sophie Woolhouse, who plays Matilda, and Toby Mocrei, who plays Bruce Bogtrotter.
However, what the young stars didn’t know is that Briony’s version of the iconic cake had a modern twist: it was in fact vegan, using healthier ingredients than in a traditional chocolate cake recipe.
Briony, who finished fourth in the 2018 series of The Great British Bake Off, said: “Being on the Bake Off was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I loved every minute. As well as it being an amazing thing to do, it's also led me to awesome opportunities like this.
“I used to read Matilda as a child and always imagined what the Bruce Bogtrotter cake would look and taste like, and now I get to make it myself! However, there is a bit of a twist: my Bruce Bogtrotter cake is vegan.
“It still looks and tastes as delicious as any other chocolate cake but it is entirely made with plant-based products.”
The famous cake-eating scene from Roald Dahl’s original novel Matilda sees young Bruce Bogtrotter forced to eat an entire chocolate cake in front of his classmates by the tyrannical Miss Trunchbull, after the wicked headmistress catches Bruce scoffing on a sneaky slice of her prized dessert.
The scene is one of the best-loved moments of both the book and film and has been cleverly recreated for the stage in Matilda The Musical, which runs at The Bristol Hippodrome until June 8th 2019.
Matilda The Musical’s Great Bruce Bogtrotter Bake Off takes Bristol by storm
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