Half a million chocolate eggs went down a treat

04 May 2019

The Wookey Hole Somerset  Witch gave away half a million chocolate eggs this Easter – while healthy gift alternatives provided were practically untouched. 

The results shocked owners of the leading Somerset resort - who have just launched an Eco friendly programme to help reduce impact on the environment. Eggs-(1).JPG

Managing Director Daniel Medley said: “We always offer an Easter treat as part of the ticket price over the three-week holiday. In an effort to encourage a healthier choice and do our bit to help reduce childhood obesity we had offered toy gifts as well as chocolate eggs.  

“We were expecting at least half the children to go for the healthy alternative – but just three youngsters opted for the toy! I think the results speak for themselves – the public are getting fed up with the constant media warnings to eat fruit and nuts rather than chocolate and sweets. 

“We offered a healthier alternative and it was not taken up. 

“On a more positive note, the tour of the caves and more than 20 exciting indoor and outdoor attractions hopefully used up a few hundred calories.” 


Half a million chocolate eggs went down a treat
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