8-year-old fundraising zebra-lover, Polly to re-open the zoo!

22 Jun 2020

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is re-opening to the public.
The Zoo, which has been closed due to Coronavirus for 88 days, is finally able to open their gates.
The zoo is being officially opened by a special guest, a little girl with a big heart. It costs £8000 a month just to feed the hundreds of animals at the zoo, and Polly Robertson, 8, wanted to help the zebra’s after she received a birthday letter from the zebra with the same name.
Polly, the Zebra sent Polly, the human, a birthday letter, when she heard that the little girl was unable to visit due to lockdown.
This prompted Polly to decide to walk 64 miles (a mile a day) during lockdown to ‘walk the distance’ from her house to raise £100 for Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm’s Animal Support Fund. Polly, who was a guest on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show, spoke to the radio host about how she wanted to raise money to help feed the animals at Noah’s Ark.

After her appearance on the Jeremey Vine show, her JustGiving page amount shot up to almost £11k, meaning that Polly had helped the zoo feed the animals for a whole month!
Larry Bush, Managing Director says “We’re bowled over by Polly’s fundraising efforts to help feed and care for our zebras here at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. We love it when people share our passion for animals and Polly is definitely as mad about zebras as we are!  It’s been a tough few month and a worrying time for the zoo and Polly has been an inspiration to all of us. We can’t wait to welcome Polly and her family to the zoo when we re-open next week and to introduce her to our dazzle of zebras including Polly the zebra and baby zebra Hope.”
The zoo decided to invite Polly to re-open the zoo as well as inviting her back when she’s finished her 64 miles to meet the animals, including Zebra, Polly and her baby Hope, who was born at the start of lockdown.

8-year-old fundraising zebra-lover, Polly to re-open the zoo!
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