Embracing the Next Generation of Artisan Cheesemakers

14 Jul 2021

Take your family to the breathtaking hills of Somerset and learn how to make cheese!  Expect fun and laughter as the couple behind the only cheddar from Cheddar, show you their trade-secrets. 
Husband and wife owners Katherine & John Spencer, are continuing their passion and work to keep their 5,000-year-old trade alive. Welcoming July 19th with smiles on their faces, the owners of Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company have announced a new set of VIP experience visits that will help promote the ancient art of cheesemaking. The couple hope others will join them this summer in celebrating the joof the heritage craft.  
Knowing all too well that their trade could face extinctionKatherine & John have worked hard to keep their local business afoot throughout the pandemic. Their online delivery service kept British cheese lovers happy through duration of three taxing Lockdowns. With the lifting of restrictions finally in sight, their mission is clearer than ever: to preserve authentic cheddar cheese production in Britain. 
The couple have developed regenerative practices that support a worldwide movement to increase biodiversity and protect the environment. By providing their VIPs a behind the scenes tour, the couple hope to a inspire a new generation of artisan cheesemakers. With enough support they hope thtime-old trade could escape modernisation and become an example of a greener future for food production.  
Visitors can book these VIP tours of the dairy and maturing stores now whilst other future opportunities will see participants aid the cheese production process itself! For those looking for something less hands on, visitors can swing by for a cheese tasting experience every day for freeWhether living locally or on holiday, the novel offering is catered to those who feels like doing something different, a little bit special this season. The couple will be offering a personal experience that can be adapted to all ages. 
For UK holidaymakers deciding to spend another summer in the UK, Katherine & John recommend finding a local B&B, hotel or campsite close to the limestone Mendip hills where they can discover the outstanding natural beauty of the West Country. The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company will also be happy to give advice on the wide variety of the local attractions, Somerset has to offer. 
Katherine Spencer, co-founder of Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, comments on their plan to welcome visitors: 
“The last year or so have made us take long hard look at the longevity of artisan cheese production. We have realised that if we want future generations to continuing making cheese by hand, independent dairies - like ours - must open their doors to the public. It’s simply not enough anymore to keep it in the family!”  
To book the experience days or try the Spencer family’s award-winning Cheddar, visit their website https://www.cheddaronline.co.uk/ or follow them on Instagram at @cheddargorgecheeseco. 
Prices start at £10 per head 
Embracing the Next Generation of Artisan Cheesemakers
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