Fleet Air Arm Musuem

27 Jul 2020


Situated on the working naval airfield at RNAS Yeovilton features Europe’s largest naval aviation collection. The museum comprises four large halls absolutely brimming with aeroplanes, images, models, memorabilia and Fleet-one-(1).jpgpaintings. Each hall has ground floor and upper levels telling the stories of naval aviation, from the first manned kites towed behind naval vessels, to helium-filled airships, seaplanes and biplanes to the carrier-borne aircraft of the Second World War and modern Sea Harriers and helicopters.

Hall 1 presents the development of naval aviation from early biplanes to the present day. Hall 2 houses aircraft that saw service in the Second World War, while Hall 3 features the Aircraft Carrier Experience where a number of aircraft are displayed on the deck of a carrier, complete with special lighting and sound effects.

Special displays in Hall 4 feature some truly exceptional aircraft, including the first British-built Concorde, and two delta wing test aircraft — the Handley Page 115 and the Fairey Delta 2.

Every year (normally in July), Yeovilton Air Day features a large airshow, complete with many visiting aircraft both flying and on static display.

For more on Somerset's incredible history and heritage go to our interactive E Book.

Fleet Air Arm Musuem
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