Cheddar Gorge Update

25 Jul 2020

We are excited to share that Cheddar Gorge & Caves will be reopening on 27th July. IMG_1192.jpgThey have made some changes to the way the site runs to ensure safety. This includes capacity management within some of the attractions, the installation of social distancing guidance signage, additional hand sanitisation points, protective screening at till points, removal of cash on site, and the introduction of some one way routes around attractions. Some areas will remain closed for the time being.

Visitors will be able to once again explore the iconic Gough’s Cave, along with many other popular attractions including Dreamhunters and the Museum of Prehistory.
Daily admission numbers are limited and visitors will be welcomed at a safe distance. All transactions are cashless and staff in key engagement areas will be wearing personal protective equipment and be behind protective screens.
In addition to new guidance and signage, some attractions will be operating a one-way system to ensure social distancing. Additional washing and hand sanitising areas have also been set up.
“We are delighted to be able to start welcoming visitors back in a safe and controlled manner,” said Head of Operations Simon Townsend.
“We realise how important it is for everyone to be able to feel secure when they visit us and we have introduced a series of extra precautionary measures to make the visit as fun and stress free as possible,” he added.
Excavated in the late nineteenth century, Gough’s cave is widely considered as one of the finest show caves in the country.
Created more than half a million years ago by river water dissolving the limestone rock, the resulting cathedral-like caverns are decorated with unbelievable rock formations.
As well as the main attractions, both shops (opening from Friday, 31st July) and the on site Costa Coffee Café will also be open to visitors. However, visitors will be asked to put on a face masks, when entering these areas in line with government guidance.
While the majority of attractions will re-open, certain areas including Beyond the View, The Lookout Tower and Jacob’s Ladder, as well as Rocksport activities and the Escape Room will initially have to remain closed in line with the current government guidelines.

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Cheddar Gorge Update
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