A reach out news article from our friends at Whitehouse Farm Cottages

11 Jan 2021



Well folks here we are in Winter at Whitehouse Farm holiday Cottages near Axbridge, but Coachman’s Cottage has had so many cancellations.  Self Catering Holidays in Somerset seem to be at a stand still for Christmas and New Year with Covid 19 still on the rampage. 

However,  Baz is finding lights for the farmhouse so that we are easily found in the dark afternoons in front of the backdrop of the Mendip Hills.  Baz & I have been decorating inside the cottage and the farmhouse. The house sparkles and twinkles in the darkness with lighted Christmas trees and colourful decorations which say welcome to Whitehouse Farm.

All the trees have lost their leaves and the January cold and rain is setting in for the duration, but the warmth of the cottage glows in the dark with laughter and fun.  Cooking at the farm takes priority as the best fun to be had. 
Of course, a flagon of local cider has to be sipped or slurped as the meal progresses.  

In the countryside I am so glad the local goats have a cosy stable to shelter in and the chickens have quietly gone to roost.  Even the sheep in the fields have their thick coats to protect them and the cows are tucked up in the barns for warmth.  There is a quietness about the trees as the birds find a dry place to hop onto.  Not a twitter to be heard, the countryside and hedgerows have gone to sleep. 
As the winter cold increases. Just the old Buzzard sits on the telegraph pole and watches for field mice. No fun for dogs holidaying in the cottage.

Looking forward, Baz is busy preparing for next Spring as he sands down the seats and outdoor tables, organizing his workshop and making room for stuff that should have gone to the tip in 1935!!
He is also preparing for the Cider Maker’s Tours.  We have a vehicle just suited for this purpose, but we will have to wait until we are allowed to travel together again.  So maybe in a year’s time Wassailing will be on the itinerary for staying at Whitehouse Farm Cottages.

Valentines’s weekend will be upon us before we know it, with bubbly and chocs for the cottage visitors and local pubs putting on a special dinner and local Green Mango Kitchen giving a Thai delivery service too, it is truly a delicious taste of the East after a stroll along the seashore at Brean Down or along the Mendip Hills.

Easter is not that far away so booking for Easter week, with Easter Egg Hunt in the grounds of Whitehouse Farm and beautiful walks just all around us is a must. Lots to do for children with the beach not far, Puxton Park and the fun fair at Brean. This is dog walking heaven here too. Dog walks all around Somerset are stunning in any weather.  Today is beautiful sunny weather with a big pale blue sky,  but wellies are a good idea to bring in the car.

I am getting to grips with the internet process of communicating to our guests about what is going on here at Whitehouse Farm.  The view from my window at Whitehouse Farm is wonderful for bird watching and today shows a lonely jackdaw having a bath in a deep puddle along the farm track.  Two wood pidgeons usually use the bird bath in the middle of the lawn.  It seems to be their bathroom!!  The only sign of movement is the tree branches swaying in the wind.  No sign of the kingfisher today, he is taking shelter somewhere near as the rain beats down against the window panes.  The little lady moorhen totters across the drive down to the river followed at a distance by an admirer to shelter under the old stone bridge.  Life goes on here at a slow pace as the seasons come and go.  All with their unique changes and colours and different wildlife.

I was sitting out by the firepit at dusk the other day and what do you think …. a white barn owl came gliding out of the darkness silently turning to view the ground and passed without a sound back into the darkness. How amazing was that!  I am glad I was sitting still with no sound or I could so easily have missed it.  How often do we miss things in nature because we are in a hurry to be somewhere. Today the sun is out at Whitehouse Farm and the sky is a beautiful pale blue.  It is early in the morning and the reflections on the river running beside the farm are still.    
Have you ever stopped long enough to watch the clouds scudding by. Did you know that you can tell which way the lower winds are moving by looking at these. You can do just that at Whitehouse Farm Holiday Cottages.

We look forward to meeting you at Whitehouse Farm this year and we do hope it will be a better year than this year has been.  Keep safe and very Happy New Year from everyone who makes Whitehouse Farm Cottages a happy place to be.

A reach out news article from our friends at Whitehouse Farm Cottages
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