Puxton Park Tourist Attraction, located in Hewish, near Weston-super-Mare, is adding four new attractions to the park in 2019.  

16 Apr 2019

With record-breaking visitor numbers in 2018, Managing Director of Puxton Park, Alistair Mead, says: After a fantastic year, we are now re-investing into the Park to offer our visitors even more fun activities and attractions. In 2018, we invested in one of our most popular attractions, our Towering High Ropes Course.

This year we are adding a Jungle Jeeps 4x4 Challenge, a Rock Climbing Wall, an Exotic Reptile Room and a Monkey House. After conducting numerous polls and surveys, we found that these attractions would add a new level of adventure and excitement to our park.

The best part about our new attractions is that they are all included in park admission and free for members! Puxton Parks new Jungle Jeeps 4x4 Challenge will take you on a unique safari experience that will excite all of your senses with bridges, splash puddles, rain forest sounds and believe-it-or-not the return of the dinosaurs...

The Rock Climbing Wall will be set up just next to the towering High Ropes Course and will offer a vertical challenge for all ages to enjoy! Big kids and little tots alike will have the chance to have a go on this new adrenaline-zone attraction. In the animal zone, a variety of small monkeys and reptiles, exotic mammals and insects are on their way to Puxton Park.

Already home to over 50 species of animal- Puxton Family Adventure Park is expanding their animal variety into new horizons. A purpose built Crazy Creature Monkey House is being built at this very moment and will house an array of monkeys, reptiles exotic mammals and insects. The species of monkeys that will live here will be Marmosets and Tamarins. The Creature House will be home to European reptiles like Eyed-Lizards and Hermans Tortoises as well as mammals of the world like Tenrecs and Short-tailed OposGrace@puxton.co.uksum and insects of the world like Giant African millipedes and Leaf Insects.

The public will be invited to take part in daily information and feeding sessions with Puxtons knowledgeable animal team. These exotic creatures wont just be highly entertaining to watch, but theyll provide fantastic educational opportunities for the 250,000+ families and schools that visit the park every year.

For further information, please contact Grace Harvey on 01934523504, email Grace@puxton.co.uk or visit www.puxton.co.uk

Puxton Park Tourist Attraction, located in Hewish, near Weston-super-Mare, is adding four new attractions to the park in 2019.  
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