October 2020

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Somerset Reacquainted A collective reflection by 63 Somerset artists during lockdown

Somerset Rural Life Museum, Chilkwell Street, BA6 8DB, Glastonbury

19 Oct - 21 Nov 2020

Somerset Reacquainted A collective reflection by 63 Somerset artists during lockdown


Exhibition open at Somerset Rural Life Museum, Glastonbury,
19 September – 21 November 2020
Visiting hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm (pre-book only)

‘Somerset Reacquainted’ is a project which captures the essence of a rural county in lockdown from the perspective of more than 60 artists. It seeks to reflect and communicate the experience of isolation we all shared. The artists’ responses are at once deeply personal but also more widely applicable.

Opening at Somerset Rural Life Museum on 19 September the exhibition will include a display of images, text, digital work, objects, sketches and original artworks produced through the project. It is an opportunity to gain an insight into an artistic exploration that is rarely seen by the public.

Set within the boundaries of Somerset, the project presents a collaborative document of a rural county in isolation - capturing our relationship with the local environment and redefining the role of artists within their communities. It also reflects each artist’s world during this unique time.

Somerset Art Works aimed to engage and support artists across the county in response to the unprecedented challenges they faced during lockdown. ‘Somerset Reacquainted’ arose from conversations between the artist Sara Dudman and Zoe Li, Artist Development Manager at Somerset Art Works. It encouraged artists to refocus their practice by refreshing their engagements with nature, locality and community, using the idea of reacquaintance as a starting point for rediscovering the excitement and purpose of making art. Artists were invited to explore the rhythms of their daily life and surroundings, responding in ways which suggested new engagement with familiar places and activities. More than 60 artists took part in the project through a process of cascaded invitation issued by artists to artists.

In times of crisis, artists have always sought to use their unique methods and visual language to articulate, document and interpret experience. The artworks resulting from this project can be viewed as a time-capsule in which feelings and experiences are captured and preserved, but also as a way to allow anyone to share the same events. You can see the artists’ sharing on Somerset Art Works websiteandInstagram​@somerset_art_works​#​ somersetreacquainted

A series of podcasts by artists sharing their thoughts will take place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday 21, 23, 25, 28, 30 Sept & 2 Oct 6-7pm, during the Somerset Open Studios event.

To find out more, visit somersetartworks.org.uk/somersetreacquainted Artists: (A-Z Last Name)

Sarah Ball / Tom Baskeyfield / Amanda Bee / Liz Biesty / Gill Bliss / Bronwen Bradshaw / Joanna Briar / Fiona Campbell / Sebastian Chance / Angela Charles (Blackwell) / Bronwen Coe / Alice Crane / Andrew Davey / Sara Dudman / Jess Egan / Pennie Elfick / Jon England / Luminara Star Florescue / Sarah Fox / Eleanor Goulding / Jenn/ y Graham / Liz Gregory / Nina Gronw-Lewis / SimonHitchens / JaneHood / Joanne Horrobin / Lynn Keddie / Janette Kerr / Bobbie Killip / Lucy Large / Alexandra Lavizzari / Carolyn Lefley / Pauline Lerry / Sue Lowe / Amanda Lynch / Sian Martin / Tim Martin / Stéphanie Max / Jenny Mellings / Joy Merron / Margaret Micklewright / Angela Morley / Jane Mowat / Annie Musgrove / Paul Newman / Kelly O'Brien / Selina Ogilvy / Andrea Oke / Jan Ollis / Katherine Perrins / Diana Pilcher / Maggie Powell / Natasha Rand / Lesley Roberts / Pauline Rook / Molly Rooke / Milly Rowland / Lotte Scott / Miriam Sheppard / Jacy Wall / Grazyna Wikierska / Sophie Willoughby / Melissa Wishart


Somerset Reacquainted A collective reflection by 63 Somerset artists during lockdown
Somerset Rural Life Museum
Chilkwell Street
United Kingdom


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