November Events At Millfield

Millfield, BA16 0YD, Street

2 Sep - 12 Oct 2019

November Events At Millfield


4th November – 7th December 
Andrew Hardwick Exhibition
Atkinson Gallery

Andrew Hardwick is a Bristol based artist and a Royal West of England Academician. His studio is based on a farm where the River Severn turns into the sea; a landscape surrounded by industry and new housing
                               estates. Hardwick’s paintings give us a narrative of this landscape which he recalls from childhood explorations and adult observation, communicated to the viewer through layers of board, canvas, netting,
wire and various paints supported by battens, which offer a purposely warped structure to the work which is not confined by the rectangle format.
His works protrude and recess, creating an undulating surface with gouged out negative spaces and artefacts embedded in the surface. Through his paintings Hardwick aims to give the viewer an experience of the landscape, to evoke emotion and a tangible reality in its raw form. His large-scale diptychs and triptychs will draw you away from the white space of the gallery wall and into their complex surfaces and Layers. Closed Sundays. Private view 7th December 7-9pm.

7th November, 7:15pm) –
‘Big Data & the Digital Explosion’ and ‘Leadership & Change Management’ with Dr Vincent Ong
 Millfield’s Johnson Hall


Dr Vincent Ong is currently the Head of Programmes at Regent's University London. Vincent is funded by the Business Intelligence Programme to establish collaborative research projects in the areas of big data, cloud computing and digital business management. He has also published several books, journal papers and conference papers. He will present two topics, each of which will last 30 minutes.

8th November, 7pm 
Guest Speaker for Parliament Week, Baroness Floella Benjamin
Johnson Hall


Baroness Floella Benjamin will talk and host a Q&A session to discuss her remarkable career. An engaging and enthusiastic speaker, having held notable posts such as Chairman of BAFTA, Chancellor of the University of Exeter and a peer in the House of Lords. She will reflect on both the different aspects of her career, from being a presenter of the BBC programmes Play School and Play Away to writing about her life in England. This will be an exciting opportunity to discuss what our society might look like in the future.


12th November, 7:15pm
 Poldark and beyond! with Ed Browning
Millfield’s Meyer theatre


Ed Browning is a professional actor with 18 years’ experience in the industry. He has had a varied career, including developing and performing new writing for intimate studio theatre, acting in major TV drama series and radio drama. In this talk, Ed will discuss the highs and lows of a career in the performance and entertainment industry, advice on entering it and the struggle of an actor's lifestyle.

14th November, 7:15pm 
 Making It Freelance with Elliott Hatherley
Millfield’s Meyer Theatre


Elliott studied photography at Falmouth University, has worked with photographers including Tim Flach, Robbie Smith, Martin D Barker, Anna Isola Crolla and Location Scotland and has a wealth of personal experience. Since graduating, Elliott has developed his photographic skills by working with editorial, advertising, fashion, commercial, product and lifestyle photographers, as well as taking on projects of his own. How do you make a full-time career from freelance photography?

19th November, 7:15pm 
The Unexpected Maths of Juggling with Dr Colin Wright
Science Lecture Theatre


Colin is a mathematics speaker and presenter who can juggle and unicycle, in addition to having a PhD from the University of Cambridge in Combinatorics and Graph Theory. Seemingly oblivious to gravity, jugglers keep several objects in the air at one time, and weave complex patterns that seem to defy analysis. In this talk, we will see a selection of the patterns and skills of juggling, whilst also developing a simple method of describing and annotating a class of juggling patterns. By using elementary mathematics, these patterns can be classified, leading to a simple way to describe those that are known already and a technique for discovering new ones.

21 November, 7:15pm
Coasts, Currents, Conflicts and Kings with Dr Helen Czerski
 Johnson Hall


Helen’s passions are the ingenuity of the everyday world and the physical engine of Earth; our atmosphere and oceans. As a physicist in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London, her research focuses on the physics of the ocean surface, especially the bubbles formed by breaking waves. The oceans are remote and inaccessible, yet this gigantic and dynamic reservoir has a huge effect on everyday life. Our weather and climate depend on it, and the battles, trade and food supplies influenced by it have shaped our civilisation. This talk will explore how this engine works, how different cultures relate to it and what the future holds.

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November Events At Millfield
BA16 0YD

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